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PhotoShelter ends its stock business on 9/11/08

Today PhotoShelter announced it will cease its stock image licensing business model. Competing against behemoth stock agency Getty Images proved too difficult. It will continue with its image archiving service. What companies will remain to challenge the trend of domination and consolidation? http://blog.photoshelter.com/corp/2008/09/a-difficult-decision-and-refoc.html

Balancing against Burn-Out

In This Issue: Balancing against Burnout Potts’ Marketing Guide the Online Marketing Newsletter for Professional Photographers and other Creative Souls Word count for this issue: approx. 720 Approximate time to read: Just about 4 minutes ================================================== Creating Balance, Filling the Well, Increasing Productivity ================================================== I’ve just returned from my annual “start-my-year-off right-by-sharpening-the-saw ” road trip. […]

National Press talks about Commoditization of Photo Biz

Just saw this link in the APAnet forum about yesterday’s Business Week article entitled:”Cheap Photo Sites Pit Amateurs vs. Pros”. Yep. It’s now national news. The article talks about Getty partnering with Flickr. Now that Getty is no longer a publicly trade company, it will be hard to see where their revenue is coming from. […]

Orphan Works debate

Maybe you’ve been so busy shooting you’ve somehow missed what has been almost a constant barrage of emails urging you to weigh in (or refrain..for the moment) in notifying your elected U.S. representatives your opinion about the pending Orphan Works (OW) legislation. If that’s the case, then you might want to read all about it […]

Adobe releases free web-based version of PhotoShop

I’m not a PhotoShop user but all my photography consulting clients are. This latest player in the web-based services applications game underscores what I’ve been telling people for years: the software you use very day to run your business will one day all be “on the cloud” or web-based. Anything you now have to do […]

Part 3:When the Winds of Change blew hard, Kodak changed course

If the previous two posts took the wind out of your sails, please don’t get discouraged. As the owner of a small business, you’re in a relatively light and nimble vessel compared to some of your suppliers who are steering veritable ocean liners. For a light-hearted view of a photo business of enormous proportions (Kodak) […]

Part 2:When Winds of Change blow hard, check your navigation skills.

What do you do when a technological innovation is brewing that’s seemingly unrelated to digital imaging skills? For example, faster and cheaper broadband access and 5MP camera phones. When with a click of the Send button, it’s super-fast and cheap to share what you’ve shot– with anyone who cares to look–you can see that storm […]

Report from the ad tech conference in Chicago

Last summer I attended one of those geeky tech conferences I love to attend–along with several hundred other attendees curious to hear advance notice about the “next big thing” in online marketing. Most people were there from the major corporations’ marketing departments. They were in search of the elusive killer app that will bring an […]

Is your site invisible to cutting-edge web surfers?

Are you invisible at the cutting edge? Can the Mac-based “early adopters” (i.e., those communication industry trend setters who others soon follow) review your web site?? ================================================== If you’ve an all-Flash web site… you’re invisible on the iPhone. ================================================== It’s been almost a month since the incredible frenzy surrounding the release of Apple’s iPhone monopolized […]