Is your site invisible to cutting-edge web surfers?

Are you invisible at the cutting edge?

Can the Mac-based “early adopters” (i.e., those communication industry trend setters who others soon follow) review your web site??

If you’ve an all-Flash web site… you’re invisible on the iPhone.

It’s been almost a month since the incredible frenzy surrounding the release of Apple’s iPhone monopolized the media reports.

You may now have one, covet one, or care less about the whole subject.

But no matter which camp you’re in, there’s one thing about the iPhone you have to be aware of: the current version of the iPhone does NOT support Flash. Yep. According to Steve’s Jobs vague answer regarding the subject of Flash support, he said that Apple “may do so in the future”. With the next upgrade of the iPhone software, I suspect that they will. But right now all-Flash sites don’t display in the phone’s web browser.

What this means is that if you have an all-Flash site (something I’ve been campaigning against for years), all those award-winning, cutting edge designers and art directors–you know, the ones who tend to be early adopters of all things Apple, and who have hordes of people following their every creative move–will not be able to see your site while they’re web surfing and showing off their iPhone to anyone who sees it in their hands.

Can you imagine what your web traffic logs would have reported this month if your site was one of the visible sites that the iPhone-owning designer had bookmarked?

If you’ve seen anyone with an iPhone in the last few weeks, then you know what kind of attention it gets from curious onlookers. How many of those iPhone owners creative community business contacts and friends could have seen your site in that impressive show-and-tell session? What pass along “wow factor” could have been yours that day?

And further consider if your page had been optimized for mobile devices… how better would that have been?!? Some people in the photo business spend time considering these marketing technology issues. Because they know that no matter how great someone’s images are, if they’re not viewable to a potential client anywhere, anytime, on any device, a potential sale can be lost to someone who is. Our clients and their clients are thinking about this marketing message delivery stuff. Are you?

Next week I’m off to another one of those geeky technology conferences I love to attend; I’ll be bringing back more news from the bleeding edge of internet marketing.