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My Presidential decree: The Valentine’s Day big discount offer is valid through today!

I was out of town on Valentine’s Day refilling my own creative well, so I’m making my annual 50% off  “I love my work!” discount offer a few days late. (BTW: It’s the only time this year I’ll be offering a half- off deal). 

You can get a 1 or 2 hr. portfolio review/web site analysis consulting session for half price– but only if you contact me by the end of today, Presidents Day, since I am a president–albeit the president of a small creative services corporation.

This year I’m making this offer available exclusively to followers of my Facebook Page.

Last year, it was my newsletter subscribers who got the offer. Maybe next year, I’ll offer it exclusively to my Google+ circles.

To be eligible for the discount just “Like” me on my Facebook page :

I love my work and I totally love working with the talented proactive photographers who love their work. I’d love to meet you.

Rebooting Your Business Brain 2.0 is in Minneapolis Nov. 14, 2012

It was a stunning 68-degrees in Chicago yesterday yet I’m happily heading to the land of cool temps and warm hearts: Minneapolis. I’m presenting an updated and revised version of my photography marketing talk: ReBooting Your Business Brain 2.0 to one of my favorite photography trade orgs: the ASMP MN chapter.

ASMP MN is a great group of talented photographers who know a thing or two about community building and educational events. They’ve had some great presentations by industry leaders. Previously, I was honored to be one of the panelists on Kat Dalager’s Photo Marketing Rehab.

It is so refreshing to see a group of photographers who really know how pull together and have a such a solid community spirit. Can’t wait to see them again.

The talk is on Wed. Nov. 14th at 6:00 CST at Orbit Studios  3805 Washington Avenue N., Minneapolis, MN 55412

REGISTRATION and other event details can be found  here.

I’m also doing portfolio reviews the day after the event. Contact me directly for more info.



My Oct. 2012 Events: 4 sets of portfolio reviews and 2 photo marketing talks

October is my  “All photography.. All the time!” month. Last week I was in Minneapolis on the panel of Kat Dalager’s Photo Marketing Rehab: Estimating and Invoicing program. She and the art buyers provided some great information to the crowd of about 100 photographers.

This week I’m in NYC for PhotoPlusExpo, the annual photo trade show and conference held from Oct. 25-Oct 27, 2012 at the Javits Center in Manhattan.

As I do every year while attending PhotoPlus, I’m doing free portfolio reviews for ASMP members. You can find me at their booth #1259 on Thurs. Oct. 26th from 3:15-4:45pm. Currently, all of my sessions are booked up. But if you want to get a free review from me, there’s still a chance. Someone who booked could forget–especially if they’re sucked into the magnetic pull of a “bright and shiny object” i.e. a camera demo session elsewhere on the show floor. Instructions on how to snag one of those cancellation openings are posted on my Facebook page

I’m also doing portfolio reviews for the grand daddy of reviews in NYC at PhotoPlus: the Palm Springs Photo Festival/PDN review sessions on Sat. Oct 27 from 9:00-11:30 am. They’re offering 1300 reviews from various photo industry influencers. I’ve done it in the past and have always seen some great work. All my sessions are currently booked out but I may be able to add more sessions–as will other reviewers– as our PhotoPlus schedules come into focus. Check updated reviewer schedule status on their Sessions Available page

Then it’s off to Santa Fe, NM to present my newly revised and updated photography marketing talk: “Rebooting Your Business Brain 2.0.” to the ASMP NM chapter . The Santa Fe University of Art and Design has graciously provided the venue on the evening of Oct. 30th and The Workbook has generously contributed to defray travel costs. I’ll be available for private consultations while in Santa Fe (email me for more info and schedule).

Then it’s back to Minneapolis to present “Rebooting 2.0…” to the ASMP MN chapter on Nov. 14th at Orbit Studios. Kind support for this event comes from Livebooks. While I’m in Minneapolis Nov. 13-15th will be the 4th opportunity in 4 weeks for a private, one-on-one, face-to-face (how sadly rare these days!) portfolio consultation.

There is also an opportunity for a group of 3 emerging photographers to book a group session. More info is on the event web site. Email or call me if you want to book any of the sessions.


Tonight in Minneapolis: Photo Marketing Rehab Pt. 2-The Money Edition

Tonight I’m joining a panel of art buyers and producers on Kat Dalager’s Photo Marketing Rehab -The Money Edition.

We’ll be sharing our experiences on how to create proper paperwork for photography estimates and invoices–especially when working with ad agencies and design firms. If tonight’s event goes anything like the Photo Marketing Rehab event held in Chicago on Oct. 6th, it should be a blast–and full of great info! So glad to be joining in tonight.

Time: The event starts at 6:00pm with a Social Hour. Panel starts 7:00-ish.  $10.

Location: Shelter Studios
2112 Broadway St NE
Suite 150, Minneapolis, MN

Register here.

I’m also available on Thurs. 10/18/12  for private photo editing/marketing consultations for any interested Minneapolis photographers. Just give a call for more info to book a session.

ASMP is live streaming today’s Symposium on Sustainable Business models

Listen in now on the LiveStream feed–or look for the archived version later on the ASMP site.

You’ll hear industry pros reporting on current trends and predicting the future.

Execs from Stipple and PicScout showing how their products will allow photographers to track and monetize their content.

Jeff Sedlik from PLUS Coalition is discussing the critical need for licensing standards. And the need for a non-profit resource to control that information.


Photo exhibition reception worth attending in Chicago on Sunday 9/23/12 from 10am-1pm.

Before heading over to Navy Pier for the last day of Expo Chicago, Chicago-area fans of fine photography, social documentary, or those who’ve just come to town for the not-to-miss Expo, should also not miss Stephen Daiter Gallery (230 W. Superior, 4th floor, Chicago, IL 60654).

On Sunday 9/23/12 from 10:00 a.m -1:00 pm there’s an artists’ reception for a number of the photographers featured in the current, and well worth-seeing exhibition “Collateral Damage: The Human Face of War

Some proceeds from the sales of prints in the exhibition will benefit post-traumatic stress support groups such as Wounded Warriors. In the case of sales of prints from the Gays in the Military series, funds will be sent to the Service members Legal Defense Network, an organization that advocates for LGBT personnel. The reception occurs on the one-year anniversary of the repeal of “Don’t ask/Don’t tell.”

Powerful work. Important issues.


ASMP has lost a great leader: Susan Carr April 5, 1963-September 3, 2012

Not knowing she was battling cancer, I was stunned to learn of the passing of ASMP’s past president and educational director, Susan Carr. I first connected with her at the Passion and Profession photo retreat weekend in Lake Geneva, IL, many years ago. Her beautiful fine art photography of interiors that she presented that weekend, struck me as project infused with much love and care.

That she passed away on Labor Day seems eerily fitting. She was a tireless worker to improve the business lives of professional photographers. There is much irony. She was a champion for copyright education and awareness as a way to protect and maintain standards of professional photography. She seemed to work with the same zeal as those who advocated for better social and economic conditions for American laborers in the 19th century.

Her amazing and impressive contributions to the Strictly Business 2 symposium back in 2008 is why I rejoined ASMP. Her contributions were clear and sophisticated. Her commitment to the importance and necessity photo business education in the digital age was tireless. During her tenure as educational director, I acquired a whole new and positive perspective about an organization that I’d dropped out of for many years.

Susan’s encouragement and personal  invitation to me to both do a keynote presentation to the ASMP National members meeting and to become a regular contributor to the ASMP Business Blog, were pivotal in my entering into the ASMP educational tent. And for that I am personally grateful.

During the period when we had lots of speaking event planning details to discuss, I seemed have had a knack for always reaching her at the end of the day while she was out walking her beloved dog. As a currently pet-less dog-lover, it always gives me a warm feeling when people are able to include their 4-legged friends in their work life. That mental image of Susan easily talking photo business while her dog frolicked at the dog beach, is the memory that I will hold onto as I take in the news of her passing with deep sadness.

To anyone who is involved in the business of photography education, she is– and will be for many, many years to come–the high standard to which we should always aspire. She did it all superbly well. It didn’t matter if she was writing, teaching, presenting, organizing, networking, or advocating, she always did it with superb professionalism and always with grace and good humor.

She will be greatly missed.

APA Midwest assembles art buyers and others for their annual Digital Portfolio Review event

Today, June 12, 2012 from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm several art buyers from top Chicago ad agencies, along with yours truly, will be editing photographers portfolios at APA Midwest’s Digital Portfolio Review .

I’m looking forward to meeting some new Chicago-area commercial photographers and seeing some great images. It’s always a treat to be blown away by someone’s work who I’ve never met or heard of. Happens every time. Wonder who it will be tonight?

It’s being held at Digital Bootcamp/Portfolio Annex, 25 W. Hubbard, Chicago IL 60654.

More info about tonight’s event is on the APA Midwest’s website.

Photo Marketing Rehab event in Minneapolis 11/16/11

I’ve been invited to be one of the panelists at the Photo Marketing Rehab event being held on Nov.16, 2011 at Shelter Studios in Minneapolis. A local art producer decided to create the event to help local photographers better understand how to reach the clients who can hire them.

There’ll be a panel that includes me and 6 others  (both art buyers and consultants) who’ll be sharing viewpoints on what works in today’s marketplace. We’ll help clear the fog if you’re still wondering how to get a photography assignment from an ad agency.

More information will be on their web site soon.

As usual, I will be available for individual portfolio review sessions and/or photo marketing strategy consultations on the day of (Wed. 11/16) and the day after the event (Thurs. 11/17).

Early bird pricing discounts between 10 and 20% are available based on how far in advance a session is booked.

Call if you’d like a session.

My next photography portfolio review sessions are The Palm Springs Photo Festival 3/28/11 to 4/1/11

I’m heading to the desert in California to do portfolio reviews for the first time at the annual Palms Springs Photo Festival which I hear is a huge and great festival. Like the other attendees,  I’m really looking forward to meeting some new photographers,  reviewing some great photography portfolios, connecting with other photo industry colleagues , and attending some of the photography workshop presentations.  (I have to say that, since I live in Chicago–where it’s been raining and in the 30s, attending a fest in the warmth of the desert sun will be a big bonus!!)

Lots of very cool programs are on deck.
In the words of the director, Jeff Dunas, “ The Palm Springs Photo Festival, located in the exclusive, sun-capital of Southern California, offers the rare chance of meeting one-on-one in an informal, social situation with famous photographers, magazine editors, museum curators, art directors and photography educators. Attendees can sign up for portfolio reviews in our world-class review program throughout five days of the 6-day event as well as study with master photographers and attend informative seminars and symposiums with influential industry experts. This festival is intended for professional photographers, passionate amateur photographers, students and emerging photographers. ”

If you’d like to book a 20 min. session with me––or any of the dozens of other photo industry professionals who’ll be there doing reviews and workshops during the week-long festival––sign up on their site here. There are MANY really good reviewers who are attending the event. Here’s the latest list of who’s doing reviews.

As of this writing there are only a few of my review slots remaining. However, as in other portfolio review events held at other conferences, if all the reviews sessions are booked up with a reviewer you want to see, there is usually another opportunity: If your schedule is flexible, you may get in at the last minute on an ad hoc “waiting list.” That’s what happened at PhotoPlus last October. E.g. Someone gets a big shoot and has to cancel at the last minute.

If you’ve never had a professional portfolio review before and wondering what’s involved, go to the Portfolio Reviews page on my blog.

And finally, if you ARE planning on coming, even if you’re not interested in a portfolio review, but would like to connect in person, please let me know; I love meeting my newsletter readers in person! Shoot me an email or post on my FaceBook wall.
Let’s connect!