Great marketing takes time.

“Great marketing takes time.”  Truer words were never spoken.

Successful marketing is a lot like successful farming; it starts way before you see the harvest. You can’t throw some seeds in the ground today and expect the ripe fruit in your hand tomorrow.

Master marketing guru, Seth Godin, laid it all out in his post the Seven Marketing Sins.

Impatience is at the top of Seth’s list for good reason. Humans have a tendency to be impatient (I know I am!) And sages have been cautioning us about developing patience for a long time. E.g., Aesop  advised that “Slow and steady wins the race” in approx. 500 B.C. (Yes…that long ago,!!!).

Remember all those musicians who quip in their Grammy acceptance speech that it only took 10 years for them to become “an overnight success?”  Most good things often take way longer to bear fruit than we initially expect. But it’s so sweet to eventually enjoy the fruits from the harvest that we’ve steadily tended.