I’m back……

After months of being invisible, I’m back to blogging. I have now aggregated the content that was on my old circa-2004 website with my original circa-2007 WordPress blog’s content. It’s all here in this newly updated WordPress site.

I sure learned the hard way how one little tech glitch can really wreck an aspect of my business. My WP blog “broke” when I hit the “auto update.” Turns out my former web site host and WP weren’t on the same PHP update schedule. I got locked out of my backend.

The main thing I learned is there’s a limit to how much time and attention I have to devote to under-the-hood tech issues. I always tell my consulting clients that it’s a far better use of their time to find a trusted provider for their web design and just focus on image-making. Otherwise, you can waste hours/days/months of not focusing on your core content.

It’s “walk the talk” time for me. 🙂

During my ‘radio silence’ period, I was actually writing a bunch of posts. they will soon be leaving my drafts folder and posted on here soon.