Photo Marketing Rehab event in Minneapolis 11/16/11

I’ve been invited to be one of the panelists at the Photo Marketing Rehab event being held on Nov.16, 2011 at Shelter Studios in Minneapolis. A local art producer decided to create the event to help local photographers better understand how to reach the clients who can hire them.

There’ll be a panel that includes me and 6 others  (both art buyers and consultants) who’ll be sharing viewpoints on what works in today’s marketplace. We’ll help clear the fog if you’re still wondering how to get a photography assignment from an ad agency.

More information will be on their web site soon.

As usual, I will be available for individual portfolio review sessions and/or photo marketing strategy consultations on the day of (Wed. 11/16) and the day after the event (Thurs. 11/17).

Early bird pricing discounts between 10 and 20% are available based on how far in advance a session is booked.

Call if you’d like a session.