Photography and advertising: the show’s my thing in late October.

Still shoveling out from under 10 days spent in NYC attending two back-to-back trade shows (photography and advertising technology).

It’s always fun to gauge the health of a market sector by the noticing value of the the trade show swag or swag (give-away items designed to draw you in/remember the company later.) One show had lots of Hershey’s Kisses and pens. The other had beer glasses, fresh-brewed espresso, LED flash lights,  canvas zippered tote bags, carabiner key chains, wooden massage tools and rubber iPhone cases.

I attend both shows every year. One show was much larger than before, while one was way smaller. Can you guess which show is in decline?

I hope that over the next few days I hope to share some of my better “tales from the front.” And when I finally find the time to distill  my 14-inch stack of seminar notes and brochures, I  hope to share some worthwhile insights as well.