Do any of the following scenarios fit your situation?

You don’t have much marketing experience. Perhaps you had a rep for years but now they’ve left the business. You now do for yourself what they used to do for you. You only have a vague idea how to best proceed. You don’t have a laid-out plan of attack. You don’t have an integrated strategy. You really have no idea which area you should focus on first when embarking on a marketing plan. Shoot new images? Build a better web site? Send out an email blast? Buy a trade ad? Order a snappy new portfolio case?

You have tried a lot of things to market yourself without much success. You’ve got a portfolio (even a number of versions), have done some mailers, bought some ad space, perhaps even have your first web site, but nothing is working very well. You don’t get the number of calls and appointments you used to. You know the business has changed– there’s a lot fewer assignments to go around–but you’re wondering “Am I doing all the right things and I just need to be patient?” or “Am I doing everything wrong?” Basically, what you’re really wondering is “Is it just me? Is it time to give it up? Or is it the whole industry?”

You have been in business at least 6 years and the clients who used to hire you have moved on. Some of them no longer work on print. In the past, you’ve adjusted for the fact that contacts always move on but now you feel that your old marketing approaches have totally stopped working. You’re wondering if it’s worth it to try and reestablish yourself with the new and younger buyers. You’re wondering if that’s possible within your timeframe and budget.

You’ve never felt completely comfortable doing the marketing and selling of yourself. You’d much rather shoot–or create–not sell or look for assignments. Truth be told, you wish you could just do the “fun, creative, problem-solving” parts of your business without having to do any of that selling/marketing kind of stuff.

You have a successful business and you want to keep it going. You’ve been fairly successful in attracting a certain kind of client but there seem to be fewer of them who haven’t moved into using stock imagery. You want to prevent further erosion of your client base. You know SOMETHING has to be done and you’re willing to learn new approaches and strategies to marketing and selling your services.

If any of these scenarios sounds like you, please read on.

You’re in the right place. There’s hope, and there’s help.

I offer products and services for professional photographers and other like-minded souls in the creative services business.

Most of my clients and their customers are creative people. Most work in the business-to-business world. They’re people who sell their creative expertise or vision to clients in the advertising, design, publishing or corporate worlds. Some are working professionals who were successful in their business before technology changed everything. Many were running their businesses before there was social media–before there was even email!

Most of my clients made the shift from working in a film and print workflow to an all-digital workflow but many are not yet comfortable with–or confident in–using 21st-century digital marketing technology.

They know that marketing is not done the same way as it used to be. They want to know how to attract clients more consistently, avoid the price-lowering race to the bottom, and stay in business.

Others are younger photographers who entered the profession well after digital imaging was established. What often wasn’t in place was the business mentorship that more seasoned photographers enjoyed when they were coming up.

These emerging photographers are very tech savvy but not as business savvy. They want to be as confident in their business practices as they are in their digital skills. They want to better understand how potential clients need to be approached, how often, and how to fairly price and license their work.

Who is most likely to succeed using my approach to marketing?

The photographers–and other creative people who I work with–typically share many of the following characteristics. If these fit you as well, you are likely someone I can help attract new clients.

High standards of excellence – “Good enough” isn’t. You are interested in being the very best in your field.

Very knowledgeable about your business – You strive to be a true expert and valuable resource to your clients.

Interested in making a contribution – It’s not just about money, but about making a difference with those you work for.

Hard worker – committed to success – You are persistent and willing to try many things to achieve results.

Realize you can’t know everything – But you are willing to get assistance and expand your knowledge and expertise.

Willing to invest in yourself and your business – You know this is the best investment of all.

Committed to mutually supportive relationships – In business and life you realize that you can’t make it alone. You know that even an Olympic-winning athlete has a coach.

If you fit the profile above, you can be successful in marketing your services.

I want to make sure I’m able to offer you exactly what your photography business needs. To schedule a free, 20-minute, no obligation “vibe check,” call (312) 560-6400. In our call we’ll see if I can help you get what you need to succeed.

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