Quotes from some of my wonderful clients


“I recently hired Carolyn for an hour of her consulting as I really needed some advice. I found myself at a real crossroads; for the first time in my career I felt unable to move forward. I had enjoyed decades of career success in photography–and then later, filmmaking. But I hit a point of stagnation last year when the culture says your supposed to thing about “retiring: But I wasn’t sure if that’s what I wanted to do and if not, what I wanted to do instead. After asking me a series of questions, combined with here analysis of the market, she came up with some sage advice for me that has totally reignited my passion for the industry. I’m back. I’m reengaged. I’ve no interest in retiring. That one hour with Carolyn was truly a great investment.”                 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Craig van der Lende


Hiring Carolyn was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my business. Instead of using a one size fits all approach, she took the time to get to know me, and I felt that each of our sessions were specifically tailored to me. In the past, I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing when business was slow, but after working with Carolyn I feel like I have a renewed passion for what I do, and for the first time I am excited to work on all of the small things that make a business run successfully.”


Joshua Huston


When I started working with Carolyn, I was going in a completely different direction. I was quite scattered to be honest. She asked insightful questions that gave me a deeper analysis into my work and was able to pull out strengths I had overlooked. In the first couple of sessions, she encouraged me to go beyond what I was doing. I was hesitant and had resistance, but I went past my comfort level. From there I discovered things I never knew I could enjoy and had previously written off in my mind. Carolyn has a very holistic approach and really cares about you as a person. She’s intuitive and quick as lightning to help you see past the clutter. She helped me see my potential market and view things beyond and greater than what I imagined. I think that’s the strength of a great coach/mentor, one who stretches you forward and believes in you in ways you wouldn’t have believed in yourself. I’m really grateful for her support and I look forward to working with her again. I’m amazed at the progress I’ve made in just over 6 months. I have a brand new website, portfolio and most of all clarity, direction and more confidence! I know my target clientele/market and more of who I am. This is definitely worth the investment for such personalized growth, it’s definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made for my career!

Kelly Hsiao


“I have found that employing the Pomodoro Technique that Carolyn espoused has really helped ramp up my productivity.  I was using the technique to some extent before but using the actual timer or downloadable widget and setting specific tasks allows me to keep a better track of how much work I am putting in during the day.  Even if I use the timer for a “web surfing/mess around” session that is great because it is measured and I know how much time I am wasting or not being necessarily productive.  Once that period is over, you just set the next task and get to it!”

Justin Fantl


Working with Carolyn has been a transformative experience.  I had reached my low point and told her I was planning to give up photography completely.  Using a variety of different tools along with her guidance, I was able to recenter myself.  I’m now well on my way again creatively, but I couldn’t have done it without her help.

Erik Patton


I needed help with business management and a clear focus of my business, Carolyn Potts told me I needed to become organized on the back end and that a CRM would help me plan and remember my marketing and job references.  I went kicking and screaming, but I knew that if I didn’t enroll into a CRM I would struggle with obtaining and retaining clients.  In the first few months it has helped me connect and reconnect with clients.  I created a reminder to follow up with a lead that lead to three jobs, easily paying for the subscription for services and proving that using the CRM works.  Now if only it could remind me where I left my keys, phone and wallet I’d be set….Got another job thanks to follow ups!

Elliott Cramer


Your editing has been super helpful. For years I’ve been sitting on hundreds of images that I’ve not known how to package in the right way to prospective clients. Now I feel way more confident in selling myself to potential clients.

Jeff Schear


As I approach a significant point in my training I want to tell you and others who need that little push to make a small commitment in their future.

I found her contact information on the ASMP website. Carolyn and I chatted for twenty minutes. The raves from my chapter were spot on and I committed to guidance on the spot.

I felt an enormous connection with her. I knew from that moment she had the knowledge and experience I needed. Her unwavering commitment to the Photo industry is unique. She made me feel that I had value at a time when the corporate bean counters remove staff photographers off the balance sheet.

This was a commitment to my future. Within two months Carolyn taught me how not to make costly mistakes. She guided me through a quagmire of possible mistakes.

So… If you need help to recreate yourself and define your value, then Carolyn Potts is a light in a very dark room.

Carl Kaufman


Just wanted to share my thoughts about Carolyn’s Portfolio Review webinar in October.

I LOVED the session! I was traveling to a job at the time and dialed in to listen. Carolyn is a wealth of information. The timing of her talk was perfect as I was attending the PDN / Palm Springs Portfolio Reviews in NYC the following week, my very first portfolio review. The breathing exercises- 7 deep breaths- were a huge help for me. …. As a result, I felt really prepared, focused, and excited (not nervous!) in each meeting.

Kim Maroon


I’ve been working with Carolyn a couple of [years] now. When I met her, I first thought I was in for “just” a good ASMP talk, with a couple of new pearls of wisdom. But instead, I was very impressed by a knowledgeable marketer with a solid marketing background. I have a Fortune-500 marketing background and I can tell the wheat from the weeds. In Carolyn I have someone that talks the talk and walks the walk in whom I feel at home entrusting and delegating the keeping of my marketing and sales strategies in check; calling me out when they’re not, so I can focus on shooting for my clients and pampering them. She does have an outstanding photo background as editor and is extremely knowledgeable in the industry too, which is a plus. But for me, the biggest value is that I could immediately see an extremely savvy marketer who said all the right things in her talk and newsletter, someone to whom I can relate; a marketer with a plan, with great eloquence and sales skills from whom I was learning in every interaction. I thought: “I want that for my business!” And that’s what I’m getting.

Enrique Samson


One of the most valuable things I got from Carolyn’s talk was her emphasis of the critical importance of photographers learning how to manage their  “Inner Game.” Being able–via mindfulness tools and other techniques–to let go of fears, doubts, anxieties and other negative thoughts is not only an essential element for business success, but life success in general. I practice mindfulness techniques now, and the benefits have far exceeded my expectations. I only wish someone had told me about this aspect of business when I first started so I wouldn’t have had to wait until I was 38 years old to learn these invaluable and life changing tools!! Carolyn is a pioneer and rock star for teaching photographers how to manage their inner game, a game that’s truly the foundation for any and all success.

Aimee Norkett


When I first came to Carolyn I was a little stuck on where to take my photographic career next and mostly, how to get there. I had enjoyed a few conversations with other portfolio consultants before I had my initial call with Carolyn but 5 minutes into our conversation, I knew she was the person who was going to help me take my work to the next level.

Not only does the time you spend working with her help you career-wise, she makes you look into yourself and helps you grow as a person. Never in a million years would I have imagined that I would get so much out of working with a consultant but Carolyn is more than that. She has a way of connecting with people that allows her to reflect things back to you that didn’t even know were there.

Working with Carolyn has pulled me out of my comfort zone, shown me things about myself that have helped me grow in numerous ways, we have had a few amazing AH-HA moments that literally gave me goosebumps!  And, best of all, she isn’t afraid to tell you like it is. Her enthusiasm for what she is doing to help her clientele radiates through each and every meeting and empowers you to be the best and grab life by the horns.

Since we started working together 2 short months ago, I have landed my biggest B2B client to date, rebranded my B2C business (and doubled my client list) and signed a lease on my first photography studio.

Working with Carolyn has been one of the best career decisions I have ever made and I look forward to working with her for many years to come.

Thank you Carolyn, from the bottom of my heart.

Emily Teater


I know you are very busy ...if you ever have a moment of doubt of why you do this, just know at least for me, in just a few conversations, it has made me feel less alone, and gave me hope. That is something to be proud of.

Stephanie Behren


Carolyn has been the most effective consultant I’ve ever worked with. Every photographer has a unique set of circumstances that simply can’t be fully addressed with a ‘one size fits all’ marketing strategy. Rather than applying the same set of marketing principles to every photographer, Carolyn takes a completely tailored approach that plays to our individual strengths, talents, connections, potential markets and personalities. Her experience, intelligence and wisdom provide the kind of invaluable, targeted direction we all need to expand our horizons. Every time we speak she inspires and motivates me, and instills the confidence I need to to take on the challenges of growing my career in meaningful ways. I am truly grateful for finding her.

Todd Winslow Pierce


“You’ve taken me a long way and added value to all aspects of my life. The confidence I’ve gained in working with you, has made me realize that I actually do bring a lot of value to my clients’ projects. When negotiating a job, I no longer feel like that it’s only the client who can decide if we’ll work together on a project. I know that there are clients I should work with and those I should just let go of trying to win as they are not interested in the value I bring to the table. Passing on those projects, allows me to be pursue and to be available to those who do know the difference. I’m now working with much more appreciative and better clients..and making better money. When you connect with the right clients, there’s a creative synergy that happens. It’s much more of a win-win scenario. 

There never was a regret in the time or cost to work with Carolyn.  Connecting with her empowered me to live deliberately and achieve goals.  The best way to ensure success is to get your mind in the right place first and then work on your business.”

Kirk Francis


“The great thing about working with Carolyn is that she has taught me the skills so that I will not be dependent on a rep for my success as a photographer. I may still choose to work with a rep but now I am confident that I can be successful without one.”

Nathan Lindstrom


Wow! I want to thank you for the way you are: you listen, you are kind, you understand. I feel absolutely blessed to be connected with you! I’m feeling re-energized, uplifted and hopeful. This is the gift I have meant to give myself and my business for the longest time. Thank you again,

Nancy Adler


“Since I started working with Carolyn a few years ago, (and following her advice), my billings have gone up 20% each year.”

Karl Herber


My experience with Carolyn has been great.  I met her at portfolio review and really liked her energy and feedback.  Six months later I hired her to help me launch my new website. It was an overwhelming task, and she was able to help me break it down into smaller parts and I was able to get it done in 6 months. I’m extremely happy with it.  She was instrumental in helping select the images. After the website launch in December, I decided to stay with her on a monthly basis.

She won’t do the work for you, she is more like a coach to keep you on the right path.  She will make you dig deep inside, but the rewards are great.  I’ve been much more focused, I’m more comfortable on sales calls and she is great to bounce ideas off of. My billings are up, but more importantly, my prestige has risen in my niche and is reflected in the clients I’ve started to acquire.

All that being said, working with a consultant is a personal thing as well. I knew after a couple of conversations that Carolyn would be great for me. Her energy and personality complimented my demeanor and we worked together quite well.

Paul Turang


“I’ve been tracking the results of my investing in consulting/coaching sessions with Carolyn. I’m thrilled to report that my billing is up 30% since I started working with her.”

“For example, recently I took her advice on a billing issue. I told her what I was happily planning to charge on an assignment for an existing client. She advised me that for the value of what I was providing, raising my fee by 25% was both fair to the client and more closely reflected the value of what I was providing. So I went ahead and put in the fee she suggested. I discovered that not only did the client have no resistance what-so-ever to the price she suggested, they paid me even faster than normal because they were so pleased!”

“By implementing her web strategy suggestions I have gotten calls and jobs from people I never knew about.”

“Hiring a consultant is not a cost–it’s an investment in your business that really pays off!!”

“And I don’t want to forget to mention… she’s FUN to work with!”

Jon Silla


“Since I started working with Carolyn in the 2nd quarter of 2004, my year-to-date billings are TRIPLE what they were before she started helping me with branding, marketing and strategic planning. I’ve gotten a tremendous return on my consulting investment.”

Mark Segal


“…I had the pleasure of working with Carolyn … Although my background is in Marketing, I was unfamiliar with how to market in the photography world and Carolyn was able to provide me with the insights and direction to get started. She was also great in assisting us with our image selection for our portfolio and I loved that I could call her at a moment’s notice for guidance on bidding jobs, images for contest entries, general questions, etc. I would recommend Carolyn to anyone who needs assistance with their branding, understanding PR and marketing and it’s role in the photography world and portfolio building.”

Betsy Klein


“Carolyn has the combination of marketing knowledge along with a creative eye; she has both experience and aesthetics… that’s really unique. Other advisors don’t have either the years in the business or the eye; we’re all creatives and need someone like that to help us market to other creatives.”

Ilinka Novakovic


“Regarding my portfolio review session: Carolyn found the thread of connection among my strongest images and was able to confirm my hopes of a relevant and cohesive vision for Art Directors to respond to!”

Mitchell Kearney


Working with Carolyn over the past year as allowed me to really polish my presentation and focus on my strengths. Her advice has allowed me to let go of images that I actually wasn’t that thrilled about but had kept in my book as evidence I could shoot that subject matter.

It’s been a great confidence builder to have someone like her to bounce things off of. Having the advice of someone who’s so experienced in knowing what clients are looking for –and what they’re buying–is really helpful. It also helps to quell the questions I might have before putting something new out there. And finally, she’s saved me time.… it’s been great to have someone who’s been able to bring me up-to-speed as far as 21st century digital marketing goes. “



“Your evaluation of the current state of the business is right on target, and provided a base for our decisions about my images and the direction my presentation should take. I’ve come away with more clarity and enthusiasm about my work than I’ve had in years… which was immediately reinforced by my first client portfolio showing following our getting together!”

Curtis Kulp